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(GHG Refrigerant-12 SubstituteŽ)

and GHG-X8 R-134a Substitute


Autofrost/R-406A is
( subject to use conditions such as barrier hoses, special fittings on cars)

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Autofrost GHG-X8 announced for Spring 00.  Now available from ATC Specialists, Inc as COOL TOPTMCOOL TOP is now out of production since modern R134a cars have better performance and the extra performance is no longer needed. Cooltop was intended for many of the poorly performing R134a cars of the '94-'98 period. Bobbie Burke has some remaining stock if you want to hoard some before it is gone.


from www.RefrigerantSales.com

Technical Discussions on Autofrost/R-406A; why they are better than R-134a and other blends. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file 236KB). Includes A/C operation explanations and diagrams. See why other alternative refrigerants often don't return oil to the compressor, causing it to fail. MINERAL OIL MISCIBILITY TESTS shows mineral oil miscibility test results with R12, R-406A/Autofrost, HOTSHOT, Freeze12, FRIGC FR-12, FX-56 (R-409A)

See what happens when you use a chlorinated refrigerant (Autofrost/R-406A, R-12, Freeze12, HOTSHOT, etc) in PAG oil designed for R-134a only systems. We say that chlorinated refrigerants should not be used with PAG oil, period. Other manufacturers state that [their chlorinated refrigerants] work just fine in PAG oil. Click here to see test results on oil breakdown.

"Profile of AUTOFROST REFRIGERANTS", by D.Q. Darlage, B. C. Burke, D. Hatton, J. Burke, and G. H. Goble. Accepted for presentation at the "International Conference on Ozone Protection Technologies", to be held in Baltimore, MD, USA, Nov 12-13 1997.

An Alternative to Retrofitting to R-134a
in Summer 1997 "NACAT NEWS"

www.imcool.com A/C discussions and other info. COOL Profit$ Mag. Home.

Alternative Refrig Mfgr TAKE BACK PAGE and other SELECTED (pdf) articles from the issue (May/June 1997), used with permission (Copyright 1997 Cool Profit$ Magazine).

Selected Articles include: "Don't Turn That Customer Away just Because He Has Refrigerantitus Unknownus", by Max Cool, Special Insert, Max Cool's "Handy Chart for Refrigerant Return and Reclamation Resources". "Part II of Refrigerantitus Unknownus: Won't Somebody please take this Stuff!?" by Max Cool. "Part III of Refrigerantitus Unknownus: Confessions of a "Drop-In" (and Blended) Refrigerant Developer" by George Goble.

HUGE MONGO refrigerant pressure temperature charts for almost every known refrigerant.
113KB Acrobat PDF format. Get a big monitor if you can! Computer calculated with REFPROP Ver 5.10. Also available in MS Word97 (XLS) format. This file is "ptchart.bin", download it, and rename to "ptchart.xls" before you run word on it.